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Dakor Temple Live Darshan – Live Darshan of Shri Ranchhodrai ji Maharaj Temple of Dakor Gujarat

Ranchor Ji Temple

Ranchor Ji Temple at Dakor

Dakor is situated at the bank of Gomati Lake and is about 95 km away from Ahmedabad. This place is famous for its majestic temple which was constructed in 1772 A.D. This temple was built for the devotion of Lord Krishna who is known here popularly as Ranchhodrai.

In today’s world of science and technology anything is possible. Those devotees who are away from Dakor can worship Ranchhodrai from their home by the means of Dakor Live Darshan facility provided by certain websites or television channels. Dakor temple Live Darshan has come as a boon for many who are not able to visit the temple.

History of Dakor Temple :

Long time ago in Dakor, there was a devotee of Lord Krishna known as Bodana. He used to frequently visit Dwraka on foot for Darshan of Ranchhodrai (Lord Krishna). As the time passed he become old and was finding it hard to walk all the way to Dwarka. Lord Krishna, impressed by his devotion, personally visited Bodana from Dwarka to Dakor. It has been mentioned in the local mythology that Lord Krishna permanently stayed at Dakor on the fond insistence of his devotee Bodana.

Dakor Temple

The temple of Dawod is surrounded by large temple complex and is set on a high platform. Here Lord Krishana is depicted in the form of Lord Ranchhodrai (Lord Vishnu with his four arms). The temple was built by Shri Gopalrao Jagannath Tambwekar in 1772 A.D.  The total cost of construction was rupees one lakh. It was originally built with stone pillars and brick walls. This temple also portrays other Hindu gods such as Lord Ganesha, Moon god, Sun god, etc.

Darshan at Dakor Temple :

You can watch Dakor Live Darshan from home everyday on your T.V. or certain websites. The temple opens at 6:45 A.M. every morning and closes at around 12 noon. During this duration five darshans take place namely, Mangla, Bal Bhog, Shringar Bhog, Gwal Bhog and Raj Bhog. This temple reopens again from 4:15 P.M till 7:30 P.M. during which three darshans take place, namely, Usthapan, Shyan and Shakhdi Bhog.

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