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Live Darshan of Indian Temples

Live Darshan of God at Indian Temples...

Live Darshan from Hindu Temples in India – Online Live Darshan of Indian Temples

Live telecasting of bhajan kirtan from Golden Temple or the Gurudwara at Nanded have made life easier. Here is a lowdown. So you can now enjoy your morning cup of piping hot tea with pious hymns from Char Dham, peel your boiled potatoes for the morning breakfast of paranthas listening to Jai Mata Di songs live from Vashnavi Devi or simple buffer the songs on personalized web pages and listen to them when you have the time to. If you miss your daily dose of television series then there is videos uploaded everyday to satisfy your inner craving of instant darshan.

Gurbani – That melts every heart into spiritualism:

Those morning tea table conversations and aarthi sessions have just got better, live bhajans from Varanasi or gurbani kirtans from Golden Temple have added that personal touch. Yes priests singing holy songs, performing poojas and And have people taken a liking to it. Yes and perhaps the reason why travel and tourism in these areas has decreased drastically.

Sikhism calls for the singing of the Gurbani Kirtan for its spitural importance. It is said that the hymns de-stress you and controls your minds ego. It also calms the wandering mind. In this present age importance of the kirtans has magnified and some see it as a nice way of meditation.

The series are a massive hit for NRI’s. It serves as a connection between their long lost roots and maiden country. Infect so popular that thickly populated places with Indian origin like Canada, Hong-Kong and London have the crowd asking for a 24-hous channel exclusively dedicated to this.

Previously people took time from their mundane schedules and annually visited them- a soul cleanser but, today technology and TV have made it easier.  It was more of a family vacation where the elders and youngsters went together as a family but with changing times all these remains nothing but nostalgia. People from all over the world took time to come down to India for a vacation but with these options they have given it a miss and instead go globe-trotting to other places of interest.

There is so much demand and craze for the new developments that the trend has reached down south too. Channels now screen live coverage of the proceedings at Balaji Tirupathi temple, Siddhivinayak Temple and Shiridi Dai Baba. Mecca Masjid also broadcast live namaz during the Ramadan period. Even community radios are in the talks of broadcasting it.

FM channels are not far behind. At the clock of six some channels go on air with live darshans from various places. And if you miss it then not to worry because you can just log on to their official website and buffer their podcasts. Such is the reach and advancement of technology.

If this is how it goes then do not be puzzled if national channels like Doordarshan or All India Radio pick up the trend. We might soon have the entire nation waking up to them. But with the Internet one can sit at his house and experience live darshan from Hindu Temples in India.

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