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Shrinathji Live Darshan – Shrinath ji Temple Live Darshan

Shrinath Ji Bawa

Shrinath Ji Bawa

Shrinathji is a temple located at the town of Nathdwara. This place is 48 km away from Udaipur district of Rajasthan. Shrinathji temple is a holy place of divinity with Lord Krishna being its central deity. Shrinathji is another form of God Krishna which depicts him as a seven year old child. There are many followers of Shrinathji and every year thousands of devotees flock to this sacred place for worshipping Lord Krishna.

Shrinathji temple Live Darshan is the facility provided by satellite channels and several websites to those who are not able to visit this holy temple. Shrinathji Live Darshan allows the person to worship the deity from his home. All you need to do is turn on your T.V. or play the live video streaming in certain websites for the purpose of Shrinath ji Live Darshan.

History of Shrinathji Temple:

Idol of Shrinathji was first worshipped near Mathura at Govardhan Hill, which was later shifted to Agra in 1672 A.D. to protect it from the Mughals. After six months in Agra the idol was transferred to Sihad village of Mewar, where it is said that the chariot on which the idol was being carried got stuck into mud and all efforts to get the chariot moving were futile.

Soon it was realized by the accompanying priest that the Lord chose this place and this is how the idol was installed in the temple at this very place.

Shrinathji Temple in Nathdwara

The Shrinathji temple of Nathdwara is home to beautiful black marble idol of Lord Krishna, which depicts him in a standing posture with his hands in an upraised position lifting the Govardhana Hill.

The temple has been constructed like the Gokul house of Krishna’s father due to which it is called Nandalaya or Nanda Bhavan. The top of the temple consist of Kalasa, seven flags and the disc of Lord Vishnu. Several devotees who visit this temple indulge themselves into services for the Lord such as sweep the temple, carry woods, make garlands and cut vegetables. This temple owns several cows, among them the most significant one is the “Sri Nathji’s cow” which belongs to the lineage of those cows who have served the idol for generations.

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