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Live Darshan from Shri Krishna Temple at Vrindavan – Lord Krishna Online Darshan now made easy

Lord Krishna is often depicted as a small child playing his flute and doing mischief in and around Vrindavan. The other portrayal of Krishna is that of a youthful prince giving direction to the army of Pandavas in the war of Kurukshetra which has been documented as the Bhagvad Gita.

The stories and tales of Lord Krishna have filled the life of almost all the children in India and it spread across a broad spectrum of Hindu Philosophy. Lord Krishna is undoubtedly the most embraced god among the Hindus and especially among the women because he is supposed to be the protector of the virtue of the women.

Shri Krishna Temple of Vrindavan :

In many scriptures, temple carvings and ancient Hindu literature Krishna is depicted as the sole mate and lover of many gopis and it is said that he had as many as 16,000 wives. Thus for a time being people may think that how was this possible but all Lord Krishna did was to give a social standing to a destitute women who had lost it due to some social evil and thus in turn restoring her position in the Hindu society.

It is an ancient Hindu believes that Krishna had a heart of gold and he never left any prayers unanswered by his devotee. He is the epitome of bliss and generosity and protects all his followers. The name Krishna in itself is so miraculous that the regular chant of the name is supposed to grant the state of Moksha the ultimate form of awareness among the Hindus.

Krishna Was born in Vrindavan and hence the place is regarded as one of the holiest place of pilgrimage for the Hindus. Thousand of devotees throng the holy soil of Vrindavan just to feel the divine presence of the Lord there. The aura and the divinity of the god have transcended all barriers and even people in the west have embraced the religion of the Lord which preaches the purest form of love for the living creatures.

It is said that a single look at the very idol of Krishna with full faith and a pure mind can bestow a person with the eternal meaning of life and hence the Live Darshan from Shri Krishna Temple at Vrindavan is a means of getting attached to the Lord. It is not possible for all the people to visit Vrindavan and hence for them online darshan is a very good way to get the look at the cheerful continence of the deity.

Lord Krishna is believed to be the best friend of the women and especially the one who have been severed by the pangs of the mortal world. Many widows all around India and the world have embraced the Lord as their husband to fight the sorrow and agony of the harsh realities of this world.

They wish to get one look of their little Kanha from Vrindavan. Earlier due to various reasons if a person failed to visit this holy place of worship then his desire of getting the darshan of Kanha of Vrindavan remained unfulfilled. But with Read the full article »