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Sarangpur Hanuman Live Darshan

Sarangpur Hanuman Temple

Sarangpur Hanuman Temple

Sarangpur Temple of Shri Hanuman is located in the state of Gujarat and district of Ahmedabad. Nearly 350 years old temple id dedicated to Lord Hanuman also known as the favourable Lord of Kalyug.

The unique factor of this temple is that devotees visit this temple with great devotion and credence. It is popularly believed that the darshan of Sarangpur Hanuman can destroy the effect of evil spirits.

Sarangpur Hanuman Temple :

The summer months are too hot, so the favourable time to visit the temple is during the winter months as the winter is not very cold. The darshan hours are from 7.00 am to 12 noon and 4 pm to 8 pm. Strong faith on Sri Hanuman solves many problems of the devotees and thousands of pilgrims visit Sarangpur Temple to overcome their problems and traumas.

Hanumanji is the active god of the Kaliyug. He can be pleased easily and fulfills the desires of his devotees instantly. is the official website of the temple. Live darshan can be availed online through this site. Some devotional websites also offer live darshan of the temple and the idol. Tuesdays are special, auspicious days in one and all the temples of Sri Hanuman. Special aarti and rituals are performed on this day. The Indians firmly believe the propitious Tuesdays of the Hanuman Darshan. Thousands wait in a line in the overcrowded temple for live darshan.

Live darshan of the favourable deity brings peace in the minds of devotees. They feel rejuvenated to face the traumas of everyday life. Such is the power of live darshan of Sarangpur Hanumanji that the devotees can go through many hurdles and discomfort for the miraculous darshan.

Devotees who like to visit the temple leisurely for a better darshan should avoid Tuesdays to visit the temple.