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Tuljabhavani Live Darshan Online for Sacred Blessings, Tuljabhavani Devi Darshan

Are you planning to have Tuljabhavani live darshan in order to seek divine blessings? Then, you need to visit Shri Tulja Bhavani Temple located in Tuljapur of Osmanabad district in Maharashtra. This temple is a historical attraction as well drawing increasing number of crowds every season. People worship the deity here with a lot of devotion. It is widely believed that whoever visit this temple and offer prayers here will be able to realize their wishes for sure. Making proper travel arrangement early is something that is needed the most in order to ensure that the blessings are obtained as per the desire.

Tuljabhavani Devi at Tuljapur :

Tulja Bhavani Temple is dedicated to Goddess Shakti, who is regarded as one of the important 51 Shaktipeeths in India. Devotees throng the temple in large numbers in order to offer their prayers to the local deity here. Festivals such as Dussehra and Diwali are celebrated with a lot of pomp and fervor. Perhaps, it is not just people just from the country

Tuljabhavani Devi

Tuljabhavani Devi

alone but also from all parts of the world that come to this sacred temple. The sight of the deity here glowing always is one of the best visuals that you could ever witness and remember for a lifetime. Goddess Tulja Bhavani is held in high esteem by every Hindu because of her supreme powers of healing and gracing.

Ambabai, Maa Jagadamba, Tukai and Bhagwati are other names given to this goddess for her tremendous impact upon her worshippers. She even represents as the family deity of Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj Tuljabhavani besides being adored by several thousands of other families across India. Daily aarti and puja are performed much to the relief of devotees who crave just to have a single glimpse of the goddess. There are several mythological instances describing the importance of the goddess because of which she attained even more popularity among her devotees. People across the country consider visiting the goddess along with their entire family at least once in a lifetime.

Live darshan of Tulja Bhavani could be had online as well because of which the devotees get to save a lot of time, money and efforts. More specifically, those worshippers who cannot go to the temple on their own due to one or the other reasons will be able to seek the divine blessings for sure. Online live darshan could be had whenever and wherever you want because of the ultimate comfort provided through the website. Perhaps, your wishes would come true once you pray to the goddess with all your might so that your problems are resolved. Gaining darshan without any hardships is something that is best possible with the increased convenience offered online. Get the blessings of Tulja Bhavani Maa in these ways easily.

Tulja Bhavani Temple Live Darshan – Avail Tulja bhavani blessings online

Bhavani is a ferocious aspect of the Hindu goddess Parvati. Bhavani means “giver of life”, the power of nature or the source of creative energy. In addition to her ferocious aspect, she is also known as Karunaswaroopini, “filled with mercy”. The Tulja Bhavani in Tuljapur in Osmanabad district of Maharashtra is considered as one of the 51 Shakti Pithas. The temple was built in 12th century and was built in Chittorgarh. Tuljapur is a city and a municipal council in Osmanabad district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the administrative seat of Tuljapur taluka.

Tulja Bhavani Temple Live Darshan :

Tulja bhavani Mata mandir is in tuljapur taluka of Osmanabad district. The region is usually referred to as marathawada

Tulja Bhavani Temple

Tulja Bhavani Temple

region. The temple of tulja bhavani is looked after by a trust of which district collector is a president. The tulja bhavani temple live darshan is one the most popular and people form far off places come and visit the city to worship the deity.

It is the second among the ‘shaktipeeths’ and was the family deity of the bhosale kings. The history of the temple has been mentioned in great detail in the “skanda puran”.

The live darshan of tulja bhavani has everything to show from the two main entrances of the temple to the live arti that takes place in the temple every morning and evening with lakhs of people attending and experiencing the eternal bliss.

The live darshan at tulja bhavani temple shows clearly the image of the idol which is three foot high and made of granite.

The idol worshipped has eight arms holding weapons, bearing the head of the slain. This image is supposed to be swayambhu- “the self-born” created without the medium of human agency. The lowermost right hand holds a trident, the next one a dagger, the one above this an arrow and the uppermost right hand wields the chakra. In the uppermost left hand is a shankh, next is a bow, and third one carries a bowl and the lower most left band holds the knot of bair on the head of the asur. The right leg is planted firmly on the body of the Mahishasur, the left one is on the ground between the two is the head of the asur gripped by the lower left arm.

The various places that are shown in live darshan of tulja bhavani are Bharti Baba’s Matha which is located near the temple premises. After the death of the baba the matha is maintained by his family members. It is also believed that Shree tulja bhavani used to talk with baba in person due to baba’s tapasya. The kasha kund is also shown in the live Read the full article »